BilliardTeach App Reviews

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Poorly done

Animations are poor. Explanations are poorly written; misspellings and grammar errors abound! Save your money!

Close Diagrams

The app is obviously translated from Chinese, any idiot can figure that one out so why complain about minor things instead of what matters..... And that to me are those shot diagrams... Some of them are just not possible without slight adjustments to your shot even though the app has markings on whitey as to where you need to hit to complete the shot. I just wish the physics were a bit more accurate. Some do work well but please fix the ones that just dont do what the diagram displays that it will do. At least there is an app like this for those wanting to learn what sidespin to apply just make sure your diagrams are more accurate and I think the app would be great... Especially if you could set up your own shots and see what would happen with different positions on whitey. Its all about controlling whitey right developer! :)

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